My family hang-out..

My family hang-out..
Our Moment togather.....

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Aisyah Graduation Nite and Concert.

Last nite first time Kinder Aisyah buat Pementasan Teater pada hari penyampaian sijil untuk students 6 years.
All 75 students paticipate... Lucu pun ada lihat gelagat anak2 kecil di atas pentas. Must give all the credits to all Graduan Bestari Teachers who really2 give 100% commitment to make the theatre succeed.This theatre diadaptasikan dari citer " Around the World in 80 day".  Teater diaorg bertajuk " Around the World in many ways". It all started when the BM teacher ask the student to do the homework during the school holidays on what transports usually used to travel around the world. It has 21 scenes...

Aisyah in scene no 10 where the students travel by submarine. They saw the sea life. Aisyah plays as fish Nemo.
Ibu ngan Abah sempat lagi tu bergambar di bilik persalinan. Gambar kat pentas jauh sangat...tak nampak pun muka Aisyah. Kena tunggu gambar2 and video dari pihak Kinder nampaknya.

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