My family hang-out..

My family hang-out..
Our Moment togather.....

Monday, 26 October 2009

Faldo Championship

First exposure to junior golf championship for Ifran and Iman.

Practising makes perfect...

The most exhausted day for my boys coz today they have been exposed to faldo championship. Today they have been trainned by FALDO pro. Tomorrow they got final exam...the preparation was very bad...Iman, if he can get 10A's.....(mid-sem he got 7A's)he will get new golf set.Iman pun dah semakin gelap...muka macam udang.  bakar....merah... Irfan pulak coz last mid-sem he did very bad....only got 1A, (banyak main internet games and PSP).So we just ask for at least 5A's....he will get new PSP games...yang si abang nie...benda lain kurang minat nak suruh dia rajin belajar pun kena umpan games jugak..

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